Frequently Asked Questions

Registering How do I register?
  Where do I download registration form, I can't find it?
  How young can my child start?
  Can girls play?
  Why are registrations so early?
  If I register am I guaranteed a place?
  Can I register late?
Teams/play Can my child play with a friend?
  Where and when will I play?
  When and where will I train?
  How long is the season?
  Can my child play in a team above his/her age group?
  Is there a competition, league table etc?
  When is the draw available?
  Who will coach my child?
Payment/cost What happens if my child doesn't like playing, can I get a refund?
  Can I pay after grading day?
  Are there any discounts?
  Why does soccer cost so much/little?
  Are my details safe?
  Are there any hidden costs/fundraisers?
Starting Out What clothing/gear do I need?
Insurance What insurance cover is there?
  What is covered?
  How do I make a claim?


Q: How do I register?
A: Click on the "Register Here" button on the home page or go to and follow the instructions. Fees can be paid online, or in person on the Registration Payment dates (see the Events link on the home page). 

Q: Where do I download the registration form, I can't find it?
A: There is no registration form. Parents can input player and contact information themselves, and can edit this at any time. Players can only be registered online. 

Q: How young can my child start?
Typically about a quarter of our under 6s are aged 4 at the start of the year. A child turning 5 this year is not necessarily out of place, it depends on the child. Players are graded on ability not age, there is a tendency for younger players to be placed in lower graded U6 teams and for those players returning to U6 for a second year to be placed in higher teams. Football Federation of Australia sets a minimum age requirement, your child must be turning 5 in the year of their registration.

Q: Can girls play?
A: Certainly, girls are integrated with boys. As we are a small club, dependent on numbers all Sacred Heart teams will be integrated. From age 11, there are girls-only teams, but girls can choose to remain in the mixed competition.

Q: Why are registrations so early?
A: See the Events calendar on the home page for exact dates, but the rough timetable of events is:
 - Registrations need to completed by mid February as team nominations need to be made to NSFA by late February.
 - Grading days are held in February/March
 - Teams are created in March in time for the NSFA draw, which is prepared shortly before thst start of the season. See the Events calendar on the home page)
 - Training Commences mid March, with a Trial day in the latter half of March
 - The season starts end March/beginning of April (and runs until the end of August)

Q: If I register am I guaranteed a place?
A: Each age group has a minimum and maximum team size, at times the number of registrations in a particular age group will be such that it is not possible to accommodate all players. For the ages U6 to U9 we have so many players that this is never a problem. If we experience problems with the U11-U12 age groups we can normally contact the clubs in the adjoining suburbs and make arrangements for players to be offered a place.
Q: Can I register late?
A: Once the NSFA has prepared the draw it is not possible to add teams. As a result, late registrations can only be accommodated provided teams have vacancies. The most important thing is that you may well miss out on playing with friends. 


Q: Can my child play with a friend?
A: Yes, there is a space on the registration form to request this. A player will not be moved to a team above their ability simply to be with a friend. (a request to play with David Beckham will not ensure he is in your team). As there is the potential for one friend to be more highly graded than the other, the best advice is for both to request to be with the other, then they are assured of being together (at the grade of the lower player).

Friends from other schools are welcome - you don't have to attend Sacred Heart school to play for the Lions!
Q: Where and when will I play?
A: Games are played at various grounds. Away games are played at the home grounds of the opposition team. Most games are held within the Ku-Ring-Gai district. 

U6-U12 will have games scheduled for between 8:30 and 1:30 Saturday morning
Q: When and where will I train?
A: Training is arranged at the convenience of the coach. As these people are volunteers we fit in training around when they are available. The only way to be certain when training will be is to volunteer to coach, then you get to choose!
Generally, teams train one weekday afternoon at the school oval. Some teams also choose to train on Sundays as this is when their coach is available.
If training days are not convenient we will do our best to come to some arrangement by moving players to a lower team or training with another team. This is not always possible in the older age groups where there are fewer teams.

Q: How long is the season?
A: The season normally runs for 18 weeks starting in the first week of April. Adult games run each weekend, children do not have games on weekends in the middle of school holidays (but do on weekends that start or end holidays). After the end of the season there is a series of "Gala Days" where teams participate in a combination round-robin then knockout short games on a single day. Each team plays at least 2 and as many as 5 half length games. After the season and gala days are completed the club has a trophy day.

Q: Can my child play above his/her age group?
A: Yes, a player can potentially register in a higher age group, the team they are selected for will be limited by their ability.

Q: Is there a competition, league table etc?
A: In previous years, Only U11 and above had published tables of results and standings. NSFA published individual match results for ages below this level but did not rank teams against each other. This meant tha each team was able to see its own results but has no idea of which division they were in.
Each age group had a number of divisions. Prior to the start of the season the club nominates the number of teams in each age group it expects to field and a division for them to play in. KDSA may adjust this nomination to ensure even sized divisions. Once the season starts, junior teams are reviewed several times during the year and moved either up or down a division if their results show them to be out of place. This is expected to be similar this year - watch this space.

Q: When is the draw available?
A: It is usually decided and published less than a week prior to the start of the season by the NSFA and is dependent on when local councils make a list of grounds available. For U6-U10 there is a regrading process after week 5, 10 and 15 so the draw for week 6-10 is not prepared until after week 5.

Q: Who will coach my child?
A: The coach and the manager for each team are elected from the parents or those with an interest in the team. The club does not appoint coaches or managers. Teams that cannot find a coach or manager cannot take the field. The club will support both coaches and managers with training or in any other way they can.


Q: What happens if my child doesn't like playing, can I get a refund?
A: Yes, our refund policy is on the registration form. In brief, if you withdraw up until the middle of April you get a full refund. All other refunds are to be discussed with the President or Registrar.
Q: Can I pay after grading day?
A: No. We cannot let a player take the field without insurance and our policy is such that coverage is extended only to those who have a valid registration. If you choose not to continue after grading you can receive a full refund.
Q: Are there any discounts?
A: No, but if you are experiencing difficulties paying, please contact either our president or registrar.
Q: Why does football cost so much?
A: Registration fees are mostly made up of fees paid to the NSFA for team entry to the association.  They, in turn, spend the majority of their funds on ground hire, insurance and referees. The club put the remainder of fees toward purchase of equipment, maintenance of the school ground, and other incidental expenses. Unlike many clubs we do not have fundraising events like chocolate drives, raffles etc. and our fees are the lowest in the NSFA because we don't need to hire a ground.

Q: Are my details safe?
A: Yes, the player details are kept secure on a system that has been in use for many years. Please ensure your details up-to-date, especially email addresses, as this is our only point of contact with you. We don't give your details to anyone.
Q: Are there any hidden costs/fundraisers?
A: The club does have an occcasional fundraising event or drive, however any event organised by the Management Committee is intended to be social and designed to break even. Once registered, the only costs are for boots, socks etc and perhaps your being asked to bring the team oranges.

Starting Out

Q: What clothing/gear do I need?
A: The club provides shirts to each team which are returned at the end of the year. Players need their own shorts and socks which are available for sizing and purchase from the club at certain events - see the Events calendar for details. Boots and shin pads are available from sports and shoe stores. Most sports stores offer 5% discount if you mention you are with a sporting club.

Q: What insurance cover is there?
A: Insurance is arranged by Football NSW. The current policy is provided by Gow Gates - details at 

The certificate of currency is here

Q: What is covered?

Visit here for details on what is covered

Q: How do I make a claim?
Download the claim form from here