Manager information

The Team Manager is responsible for:

Ensuring there are enough players available each week for the team.
Managers should encourage parents to advise them if any player will be unavailable for a match day or training session as soon as possible.  To obtain game draw information, see the the NSFA website Draw, Results and Tables page.

Lists of player names, emails and phone numbers are available to each Manager via the club website's Team Admin link. Managers can login using their email address and the team password. Some SHPFC Managers use the free website to manage their teams. It can be used to send game notifications, and receive confirmation of player availablility, via SMS and email.

Making sure the Match Card is completed and results recorded. 
For U6-11 ages (MiniRoos), the Manager should download the  MiniRoos match result sheet.  U6 - U7 should use form CF14A, U8 - U11 should use CF14B.  These sheets covers multiple weeks and should be retained by the Manager for the whole season. The relevant row is completed after each game and initialled by the managers of the two teams/squads (essentially as proof of the scores, in case any question ever arises - which is very rare). For the U6 and U7 squads, the form includes space to include the score for the A vs A game, and the B vs B games, and then the aggregate of the two games. For the U8 to U11 teams, there is only a single score entered.

For Competition Ages (U12/G12 upwards), match cards are electronic.  The Electronic Match Card (EMC) guide can be found here.

Entering Results
After each game, the Manager must enter the result online before the end of the weekend so that the NSFA has a record of the result. The Managers for both teams involved in each game enter the results so that they can be checked against each other. Emails will automatically be sent out in the case of missing or conflicting results.  If the results are not entered then the club becomes liable for significant financial penalties imposed by the NSFA.

To enter your results login under Team Admin using your email address and team password (check with the Lions Webadmin to obtain the password Click on the "Match Results" link, then "add Match Result". Please also fill out the player stats - this information will be collated and used to decide the Player of The Year award. This recording can be done or accessed by both the Manager and Coach of the team. Please refer to this page for Player Award guidelines, and this document for information on recording results on the Lions website.

What do I do if I need to forfeit? 
The NSFA Comptitin Regulations (MiniRoos and Competition Football documents) covers procedures for a forfeit. The CF11A -Forfeit Form needs to be filled out and emailed to

All forfeits must be notified to NSFA on the published Forfeit Form at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the fixture, otherwise the club will be fined.

Disseminating Club and NSFA information
The manager is responsble for keeping the team informed about game times and ground locations, as well as whether training or matches have been cancelled.  
Some managers use social media apps like WhatsApp to deliver team related information.  Ideally the Manager should be familiar with their age group's NSFA manual and match rules, available from the NSFA website

Managing a football team is not onerous, but it's an essential function. Without a Manager, families and players will have organisational problems, and the club will likely be fined for missing match results. So, thank you for volunteering for this simple but essential role.

For a list of SHPFC Team Managers, please go to Contacts on the Lions website Home page or click here.