Round 10 - Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June 2021

SHPFC U7 Lightning

After the excitement of the team photos in the early morning, U7 Lightning turned up to Foxglove Oval ready to play. The wind was bitterly cold and about 2mins into the games the rain joined in. The boys tried to keep warm as best as possible while the spectators huddled under umbrellas and coats, cheering the team on.

Over on one soggy field, Alexander, Harrison, Jonah, Lawrence, Luke and Oscar fought hard against a very strong team. They put all their effort in trying to move the ball down to their end and defending off attempts from the other team.

On the other soggy field, Aiden, Ezra, Henri, Joey, Lachlan and Noah dug deep to keep the opposition at bay and limit their attempts at goal. There were near misses and good passing with strong defence being the order of the day. Some good blocks of the ball earning Ezra the player of the week.

Well done to the whole team for persevering through the cold and rain and showing amazing teamwork. We look forward to Christopher being back on board next week.


SHPFC U9 Foxes

Relatively blue skies suddenly turned grey just before the U9 Foxes game, signalling an ominous sign ahead against the well drilled Berowra Hornets.

Lots of early action in our own half saw some great defensive work from Josie and Sophie P, holding out a flurry of attacks from the Hornets. Aiden was kept busy clearing the ball out on several occasions, while Christian provided lots of pressure, forcing some errors from the opposition.

A light sprinkling of rain didn’t deter the Foxes. Despite being swarmed by Hornets, James demonstrated great control and poise on the wing to keep the ball moving towards the goal. Alex showed his quick speed with a few darting runs, keeping the opposition guessing. The stinging attacks against the Foxes kept coming, but Matthew broke up some momentum in the Hornet’s offensive plays.

Getting close to goal proved difficult, with a seemingly impenetrable nest of Hornet defence. Great efforts from Sam consistently pushing the ball forward, including a cross to Olivia who kicked a fantastic goal seconds before half time, kept us within reach on the scoreboard.

Sophie D was everywhere, terrorising the Hornets with amazing footwork, and a long distance goal just before full time. The tireless work ethic of Quintus particularly in the midfield, fittingly earned him the player of the match award.

Great team work and incredible efforts from the Foxes, who never gave up.


SHPFC U18s VS Chatswood
6-3 Win

One of our more roller coaster games this season in absolutely appalling conditions. In the first quarter of the game the boys thoroughly dominated Chatswood and we were up 4-0 through four goals to Charlie R. Fluid and considered passing, well-timed runs and clinical finishing were the order for the first 25 minutes. We then turned off, allowing Chatswood to score two goals before halftime.

After half-time, Chatswood again scored and unbelievably it was 4-3. It was then we found our fluency in our game once more. Passing from midfield and the fullbacks were finding their marks with Will S and Matt causing all kinds of problems with the opposition.

Will S was awarded with his first ever goal in open play, weaving through a heap of defenders and poking the ball past the keeper.

We saved our best goal for the final goal of the game. Neat passing between Charlie R and Matt saw Ethan delivered a beautiful pass right to his feet to make it 6-3.

SHPFC G14 Stars

The G14 Stars gathered enthusiastically on a wet and wintry Howson oval. Phoebe led the charge for Sacred Heart but within three minutes Northbridge scored the opening goal. Northbridge continued their offense but did not get through our strong defences and nimble goalie, Hannah.

Finding their feet, the Stars’ responded by shifting gears with an impressive dribble by Daisy and ball control from Nina. Heavy rain did not slow down Anna’s lightning speed and Lil’s running tackles against a frustrated opposition.

Melo triumphantly scored with a powerful kick, in the face of intense pressure from Northbridge. The sideline erupted as we equalized. Working together, further attempts by Northbridge were resisted.

Coach Catherine’s half time advice: “Talk to each other,” and, “Don’t give the opposition time on the ball.” To the parents she grinned, “I love playing in the rain. Easier to slide tackle!”

As The Stars returned to the field, Lil’s and Anna’s defensive skills kept the ball away from goal. Any attempt that got through our defence was thwarted by Hannah’s quick reflexes.

Up the soggy field, Julia’s and Daisy’s shots on goal went wide, toying with the opposition’s emotions. Sensing an imminent goal, our spectators became louder and pushed closer to the edge of the field.

Northbridge continued their attack. Hannah responded with a save against a powerful strike. Fancy footwork by our defence prevented any further attempts and allowed us to get back into Northbridge’s goal area. With the final minutes approaching and tension amongst our supporters rising, Phoebe scored a measured and precise goal to hand the Stars a 2 to 1 win!

Playing with conviction, energy, and determination each Star is to be congratulated. A big shout out goes to Daisy, Nina and Hannah who were crowned the players of the match.

This meaningful win places The G14 Stars second on the leaderboard.


SHPFC U8 Hawks

With an earlier start for team photos prior to the game, the Hawks were ready and raring to go. The wind was blustery and the icy rain was starting to fall. With no one wanting to stand around, the Hawks headed straight for an attempt at goal, which was shut down by the pouncing Prouille Jets. As the wind and the rain picked up, so did the eagerness of the Hawks – free to be running in the rain. Eddie was trying to stay active just to keep warm and doing a fine job in his role as first half goalie. With enthusiasm, Jeremy, Tom and Emmett passed the ball with skill. Emmett looked like he’d stepped out of the 70’s with his sweat headband and athletic stride.

The ball was stolen by the Jets and the Hawks were determined to defend. However in the confusion of the wind, a delicate goal was tapped over the goal line to put the Jets on the scoreboard.

Staying on their toes, the Hawks showed great defence, with the ball hovering close to the Hawks’ goal. Santino executed a strong kick away, and a drive from Emmett to bring the ball close to the Jets’ goal for another goal attempt. Lachlan was being assertive in defence, Ishan showing off his speed to get the ball close to the goal, but alas the Jets’ goalie, once again too quick, pounced on the ball.

Christian was showing great defensive work near the Jets’ goal. Flynn demonstrating some amazing intercepts to turn the ball around blocking the Jets.
Andrew, Emmett, Ishan and Tom displayed strong attacking skills, dodging the Jets to get the ball the length of the field and attempt at goal. In another display of skilful attacking, Ishan moved the ball across the goal line and the Hawks celebrated!!

With the kick off of the second half Lachlan was now in goals. The heat from Prouille’s persistence was stepping up despite the temperature plummeting, and the players were mostly wearing their jumpers now. On the sidelines the wind was blowing the spectator’s umbrellas inside out.

A powerful kick from Santino, towards the goal, Ishan moving in and passing back to Santino but Prouille were quick to pounce. Ishan was close to scoring with the ball bouncing off the goal post. Tom steels the ball turning it around, but Prouille were not going to let that happen and steel the ball back and squeeze a goal past our goalie Lachlan.

Matteo bravely putting his body on the line in a defensive attempt – staggers off the field. The cold and wet is getting to the boys, with frozen limbs, they are more susceptible to pain. Awesome persistence and teamwork from Ishan, Eddie, and Andrew leads to a goal for the Hawks! Another celebration. In the final few minutes of the game, Prouille are able to sneak in a couple of goals in quick succession.

The match was a good balance in performance from both teams, with the Jets showing big improvements in their game since our last encounter. Great sportsmanship was demonstrated and despite the unfavourable weather – still an enjoyable game.

Santino was awarded player of the match for his display of improved attacking skills and powerful kicks. Congratulations Santino and well done all players!


Round 9 - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June 2021

SHPFC G14 Stars

A hard fought for 1–0 win for the G14 Stars against Asquith at Asquith oval on this sunny but chilly Sunday morning. The score truly does not reflect all the Stars’ attempts on goal throughout the match.

Asquith came in strong at the beginning, with an attempt on goal 7 minutes into the match. A brilliant save by goalkeeper Phoebe with help from Abbey in defence. There was another save by Phoebe in quick succession accompanied by raucous applause by the parents on the sideline. Good strong defence by Kate, a huge kick by Nina, followed by agile footwork from Daisy down the right helped to get the ball away. A beautiful header by Nina just outside the penalty box protected our goal once again at 13 minutes.

The Stars’ first attempt at goal came from Julia, 15 minutes in, followed one minute later by two more attempts by the Stars. At 22 minutes Melo had a shot at goal. Kate had two strong kicks at goal at 23 minutes and 24 minutes respectively, backed by beautiful teamwork from the girls. At 27 minutes it was Morgan’s turn to attack the goal. All seven attempts were foiled by the Asquith goalkeeper.

The opposing team managed to take off into our defence area with the ball at 28 minutes, goalie Phoebe stepped up again to keep the scores at 0-0.
Just before half time Melo took a final first-half attempt on goal – only to be again blocked by the Asquith goalie.

After 8 strong attacks on goal, all thwarted, the half time talk was centred on how to get around Asquith’s eight-armed goalie. Coach Tyrell’s plan: keep the ball high or wide when the goalie crept off the goal line.

Throughout the match Kate, Imogen, Gena and Morgan were strong in the mid, Julia turned her marker round with consistently agile footwork and Daisy dominated the right wing. Beautiful headers from Nina and Lil along with strong boots from Juliet, Abbey and Anna in defence.

In the second half: Julia had two solid kicks on the goal at 31 and 45 minutes, the first narrowly missing, the second saved by the opposing goalie.
At 48 minutes Asquith broke away with the ball, stopped by the Stars’ defence. Hannah responded by breaking back through the field for another strong attempt at the goal.

Then, finally, 52 minutes into the match, Kate kicked a spectacular goal wide of the Asquith goalie. The silence from the parent cheer squad was deafening as disbelief and middle-aged eyes slowly realised what had happened. Out came the rosary beads as the remaining eight minutes flew by with no further goals from either side.

Player of the Match: Kate with her spectacular goal.
Honourable mentions to Phoebe for her incredible goal keeping, and Gena for her amazing footwork.


SHPFC U8 Falcons

This weekend, the Falcons arrived at Friars Oval pumped and ready to go. They were three team mates down with no subs, but they were ready with their A game against the skilled Turramurra Barracudas. The ground was awful and the boys had plenty of slips and slides.

The first half saw lots of running into the middle from all of the players with fancy footwork on display from Alex and Dario early on, to evade a fantastic opposition defence. Aiden held his position as always - calmly, confidently and tenaciously. Christian and Justin showed great passing skills and frequent break out runs down the field. Dom was stoic as goal keeper despite having limited exposure to the ball. Tristan continued with his persistent, focussed and energetic defence of the ball, even with 2, 3 and 4 opposition team mates to contend with at the one time. There were frequent attempts at goal from all of the Falcon players with some very near misses, only thwarted by an exceptional Barracuda goal keeper who frequently put his body on the line.

The second-half saw play from the Falcons similar to the first half, only with the power dial turned up. The boys worked out how to skilfully pass the opposition defence on a more regular basis and their passing was more targeted and precise. Dario was a fantastic and focussed goalie. There was an early attempt at goal from Tristan which was blocked and then a great pass from Alex set Dom up who was flying free after feeling cooped up in the goal in the first half, for the first of his ripper hat trick. Christian continued his sprint runs down the field and Aiden never took his eye off of the ball. Tristan found his feet with his passes this week and thoughtfully sent the ball to his team mate Dom on several occasions which was deftly sent into the oppositions goal.

Well done Falcon’s for a terrific win and well done Tristan for being awarded player of the match.


SHPFC U8 Hawks

It is a beautiful, sunny day at Carrington Oval, on the Queen’s birthday long weekend. The Hawks are ready to play against Turramurra United Foxes (TUF) in Round 9.

First Half
The team, with Matteo as goalkeeper in the first half, are ready and in good spirits. The game starts and the Hawks are quick to gain control of the ball. The Hawks have strong possession of the ball in the first 5 minutes and find many opportunities to score a goal, however are stopped by a well-positioned TUF goalkeeper.
10 minutes into the game, Ishan is close to scoring the first goal for the Hawks, but once again the TUF goalkeeper was well positioned and stops his attempt.
At minute 12, Eddy takes the ball metres from the TUF goal post, finding an excellent opportunity to convert the first goal for the Hawks. Hooray! The team scores their first GOAAAL!!!!
The game continues with no penalties, a very clean and fair game between both teams.
At the 14th minute of the first half, the TUF surprises the Hawks by converting a great goal. The Hawks quickly regroup and are ready to attack again.
At minute 16 another attack from the TUF but this time an amazing catch from Matteo…well done team!!
The first half finishes and the game is evenly matched and balanced on both sides.

Second Half
The last 20 minutes starts with Jeremy in the goal post. During the first minutes of the second half the TUF team are keeping Jeremy busy.
Ishan takes the ball and runs to the rival area, now face to face with the goalkeeper. Despite the great attack from Ishan there is no goal. After a few minutes Ishan attacks for the second time, but once again he finds a solid defence from the TUF team. He doesn’t give up and attacks for third time, this time very close to scoring. Seconds later Emmett takes the ball to run into the rival field and shoots and misses. In less than 5 minutes of the second half the team has generated many opportunities for goal, but the TUF defence is tight.
Still determined Ishan, after many attempts, kicks the ball with his right foot and yes…an AMAZING GOAL !!!
7 minutes into the 2nd half another attack from the Hawks, this time from Andrew with a beautiful right foot strike, scoring again for the Hawks, leaving the TUF goalkeeper without reaction.
At minute 15, there were many attacks from the TUF but Jeremy is focused on the game and doesn’t give TUF a chance to slip a goal in.
The Hawks are playing beautifully and playing and attacking as if the game just started… many good shots from Emmett and Christian a few minutes in the remaining few minutes of the game.


SHPFC U18 vs North Sydney
5 - 2 Loss

A scoreline that does not reflect the closeness of a wildly entertaining game. There was not a bad player on either team with a game that featured stunning goals, accurate passing, incisive runs and crunching but fair tackles.

In the end the only difference between the two teams was a 3-0 deficit a half-time. North Sydney had three chances and took them all. We had three very near chances in the first half including a glancing header from Charlie C that went just wide, a freekick from Charlie that hit the crossbar and Matt’s audacious chip from a narrow angle that had the keeper beaten but landed on top of the net.

For most of the first half we controlled the game. Captain Will W was inspirational in midfield and the enthusiasm and talk was high. An undoubted highlight of the first half came towards the end. After conceding our third goal, a fourth would have meant game over. North Sydney retrieved the ball quickly from kick-off and one of their players got through our defence. With only our goalie to beat in a one on one, Will S, pulled off one of a wonderfully-timed and placed hard tackle from behind. It was a marvellously technically proficient tackle for someone in only their second season of football. Had it been millimetres or milliseconds off, it would have meant a penalty for North Sydney and a possible red card.

Down 3-0 at half-time, Coach Penny was optimistic that we were still in the game, saying we had the majority of possession and territory. Five minutes in we struck back with a wonderful team passing goal right up the centre of the park. Marcus in defence, passed to Will W in midfield, setting up Charlie to finish. Not long after Ethan scored the goal of the game. Charlie R with his back to the goal and seemingly surrounded by half of North Sydney, laid off a well weighted pass to Ethan, who with a powerful first time strike from outside the box sent the ball over the keeper and into the back of the next. Both teams knew this game was back on. Spectators could also sense the panic in the voice of North Sydney’s restless, diminutive coach.

To their credit, North Sydney didn’t park the bus as they could have and scored two more goals towards the back end of the game. But it was Sacred Heart who was still full of running and it was the North Sydney boys wanting to be subbed through exhaustion or cramp. The score ended 5-2 and we gave North Sydney their toughest game of the season and we will look forward to our next clash. Coach Penny commented on WhatsApp group after the game “Excellent performance, you should all be proud of yourselves.”

Round 8 - Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th June 2021

SHPFC U6 Jaguars

It was a tale of two games for the U6 Jaguars this weekend.

On the first field, Emmanuel, both Aidans, Eli, Michael and John had a tough game against Mt Colah but showed a huge amount of grit and determination even after conceding some early goals. Some great team work in the face of a very strong opponent led to the U6 Jaguars striking back a few times and demonstrated the great character of this team. Good job kids !!!

On the second field, Adam and Zavian led the U6 Jaguars up front with some great dribbling and some very powerful shots. In the midfield, Georgia, Charlotte and Max were all heavily involved, fighting hard for the ball and feeding some great passes through up front, while Bailey had some fantastic saving tackles and clearing kicks at the back, despite some evidence of fatigue showing through later in the game.

Well done on a great game Jaguars!


SHPFC G14 Stars

With the sun shining the weather was perfect for our match at Turramurra’s Auluba Oval against the Chatswood Rangers. Before playing Catherine sorted the positions out with the girls letting them choose positions and giving girls a chance to change positions and hone skills. She also got the girls thinking about what they are doing when they don’t have the ball to keep their focus during the game and to anticipate opportunities.
The game opened with two very early saves by Imogen at the goals. With some excellent passes from Hannah, Maia, Phoebe, Kate and Melo, the Stars consistently pushed the ball towards their goals. Imogen continued to save goals throughout the first half not letting any of the Rangers’ attempts at goals succeed.
Catherine talked to the girls at half time about the importance of communicating during the game and letting each other know where they are in order to continue to support each other and work as a team.
The second half saw more fantastic saves from Imogen in goals and in our offensive play some excellent attempts at goals by Hannah, an impressive header by Grace ending in a goal scored by Morgan. Kate did a good job hustling to protect the goal from the Rangers. Melo scored the second goal with support from Julia and others. Anna did a fantastic job of defending the goal on multiple occasions but most of the second half was spent in our attacking half. Phoebe’s delicate foot work kept the ball around the goal with multiple saved attempts by the Stars at goal.
A great game ending in 2-1 to the Stars beating some very skilled players on the Rangers. Well done players of the match Kate, Imogen and Julia.


SHPFC U18 vs Asquith
9 - 0 win

A cold Asquith Oval saw a great team win today with a significant improvement in our for and against, our first clean sheet for the season and a good solid start to the game.

Charlie C kicked off the scoring early with a rocket long shot, the first of five goals in the first half. This was followed by goals to Matt and as well as a first half hattrick to Charlie R.

The highlight of the first half was a beautifully worked goal with Jem sending James down a run on the left wing, who sent a perfectly weighted cross for Charlie to finish off.

With 15 minutes to go in the first half, Marcus returned to the field after his five weeks injured on the sideline.

At half-time the boys retreated to the dressing sheds – a rare treat – to escape the cold. Coach Penny wanted more of the same, especially a clean sheet. Four more goals were scored including one more each to Charlie C and Matt as well as Nicci and Ethan.

Other notable performers included Tom who had his best game since his return to the club and utility man Will S, who was popping up everywhere and was dangerous every time he had the ball at his feet.

With this win we go to the top of the table. Undoubtedly we will have our toughest test next week against North Sydney – we will need to take our chances and remain resolute in defence.

SHPFC U7 Lightning

The U7 Lightning Team hit the cool and shady Karuah just in time to begin the match. With Alexander, Ezra, Joey, Jonah, Lachlan and Noah on one field and Aiden, Christopher, Harrison, Lawrence, Luke and Oscar on the other, both teams were in for hard work.

Everyone brought out their best defence which was needed against a very tough opponent. They had to keep tight and try to get the ball out of their half, when this was possible the players showed good passing and ball moves.

Both teams showed good ball control and some creative moves in their efforts.

Congratulations to Jonah for receiving Player of the Week, in recognition of his ongoing determination and some great defensive moves.



SHPFC U8 Falcons

The Falcons commenced the Round 8 match with confidence. The first 5 minutes of the match was very intense but with the early opening goal from Alex, everyone started to relax and enjoy the game.

Matthew showed fancy kicks just like his hair colour and Justin was busy clearing the ball. His long passes were delivered to our top striker Dom to shake the goalpost several times.

I literally couldn’t see Aiden and Dario’s legs and made me feel like watching Kylian Mbappe and Neymar playing at PSG Stadium. Josh and Tristan showed Messi’s dribble and aggressively challenged the other Team but we were just a bit unlucky to present additional goals.

This week’s goalkeepers Ethan and Christian combined 15 super saves throughout 40 minutes. We lost one goal but I’m pretty sure that Manuel Neuer also couldn’t save that one so I’d like to say both of them were perfect.

Thanks to our 10 great players for the amazing match and stay healthy in this cold weather!


SHPFC U8 Hawks

With plenty of sunshine, it was the perfect day for a soccer match. Our opponents, the West Pymble Vipers, were wasting no time and swiftly steered the ball towards their goal. Jeremy, our first half goalie, was on alert and jumped on the ball to stop the goal. Another attempt at goal with a narrow miss by the Vipers, the Hawks knew they had their work cut out for them.

Great teamwork from Tom, Andrew and Ishan saw the ball move down the field, however the Vipers intercepted and with a strong kick, scored the first goal of the game.

Emmett had many occasions to show his fancy footwork steering the ball wide and back in, setting Ishan up for an attempt at goal.

Andrew, Christian and Santino showed promising teamwork in attack. Flynn was strong in defence stopping the Vipers in their tracks and demonstrating great passing skills.

Lachlan was quick in kicking the ball away from the Vipers goal, the Vipers retaliated, giving Jeremy another opportunity to save a goal from being scored. Strong defence Hawks!

With the start of the second half, the Vipers were once again quick off the mark, sneaking a strong goal in. Lachlan, now in goalie, had plenty of opportunities to show he is quick to pounce, saving many goals. Tom was still going strong in defence, and moving the ball back down the field. On more than a couple of occasions, Tom put his body on the line as a human shield, intercepting the strong kick of the Vipers.

Lovely kindness showed by Andrew to check if Tom was OK after yet another brutal hit. The ball was in Viper goal territory, and there was tension in the air once again. Lachlan was kept on his toes keeping the goals out. The crowd cheered for his beautiful save! Matteo was honing in – close to the goal, making sure those goals
were kept out.

Once again, the Hawks showed determination, and strong teamwork making for an enjoyable game to watch.

Player of the Match was awarded to the mighty Flynn for his strong defence and ball turnarounds. He continually demonstrates
good sportsmanship and is showing big improvements in his game. Well done Flynn!

Go the heroic Hawks!


Round 7 - Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th May 2021

SHPFC U8 Hawks

The Hawks were excited to play a different team this week having played the same team the last two weeks. It was a battle of the birds with the Hawks taking on the Eagles.

The Hawks started off well with some great kicking mid field by Andrew and Tom. Emmett was also on fire and managed to turn the ball around and towards the opposition goal. There was good passing midfield and Ishan had an early attempt at goal but the eagle eyed keeper saved the goal.

Christian was strong midfield and similar to Emmett managed to turn the ball around towards the opposition, only for the Eagles to swoop in and kick it away. Flynn showed great defence and was supported well by Jeremy, Santino and Lachlan. As the first half progressed there was lots of good passing between the boys and a few near misses by Eddie and Ishan. Matteo was exceptional as goalkeeper saving quite a few goals. The Eagles managed to swoop in and score only once.

In the second half Eddie and Lachlan shared goal keeping duties and managed to keep the ball out with their excellent footwork. Emmett also assisted with a header to save a goal. Again there was great teamwork and passing between Eddie, Andrew, Christian and Ishan and they had a few attempts but they weren’t to be. The Eagles were eagle eyed and saved the goals. Emmet and Tom ran the length of the field and were key in passing back to their team mates. Matteo and Flynn also had some great kicks and Jeremy, Santino and Lachlan were solid in defence.

At the end of the game three cheers were had for both teams and the referee which was nice to see.

Christian was the well deserved Player of the Match as he was hawk eyed throughout the game.


SHPFC U7 Lightning

It was a crisp and cool morning at Auluba oval with everyone looking for the best sunny spot to watch the games. The boys started with their jerseys on but soon were taking them off with the running around they were doing.

Ezra, Henri, Jonah, Lawrence and Noah upped their defence game for the day, saving many attempts at goal while driving the ball down to be able to get a few goals in for what was a tough match with lots of running.

Aiden, Alexander, Harrison, Joey, Lachlan and Oscar had a very evenly matched game, with good passes, long kicks and pure determination.

Harrison earning himself the Player of the Week award - congratulations!


SHPFC U18 vs Chatswood

3-1 Win
We registered our third win in a row, and the fifth match of the season where we have got a result after falling behind early. Despite a promising start, especially with Charlie C and Matt causing all sorts of problems down the right flank we weren’t able to get off any meaningful shots at goal. This allowed Chatswood to take the lead on the counter when one of their players was allowed to cut in from the right and get through our defence and slot one home. Once again, falling behind we sprang into action. The introduction of Tom in midfield meant along with a number of crucial intercepts from the defence, especially Will S and Jem meant we were dominating territory however we weren’t able to convert before half time.
In fact, it wasn’t until well into the second half when we started to turn things around on the scoreboard, scoring three goals in 10 minutes (the first two in two minutes) from James, Sachin and of course Charlie R. It shouldn’t go without comment that all three goals were assists from Ethan, whose precision passing from the left turned the game from us. All of Chatswood’s attempts afterwards were long range. One of these saw Nick making a spectacular juggling save over his head, as well as simultaneously debating with a Chatswood player what constitutes a goal. Great multi-skilling.
We’ve got two games left before the halfway mark of the season, including what will be a tough match against North Sydney – we need to stop falling behind early or we will pay for it.

SHPFC G14 Stars vs Northbridge

There are some distinguished societies that contain some of the brightest people on the planet, including Mensa, The Prometheus Society and now…. Parents Who Can Locate Chatswood High Oval.

In best Indiana Jones style, the morning kicked off having to crack the mystery of Chatswood High, navigating the big maze and dodging scaffolding traps, before JD grabbed his whip and swung us all into the safety of the green oval.

Clearly this is a strategy commonly used by the opposition, as our team seemed dazed in the first 10 mins letting 2 goals into the net.

Northbridge (being 2nd on the ladder) had a very strong and organised side that was hard to penetrate, and their rushing attacks from their long throw-ins caught our defence by surprise a couple of times. 1st half finished down 3-0.

However, during the 2nd half it seemed to come together for the Lions. Building up with a strong defence, and determination from the midfielders we started to tighten our grip on Northbridge. The first 20 mins we saw great play from Imogen, Hannah, Kate in midfield and Maia being active in goals.

There were good runs up front, but unfortunately Northbridge remained too strong in defence for us to break through and have a shot at goal.

Unfortunately, towards the end the Chatswood High Maze Daze fell over the team in the last 10 mins with another 3 goals being scored against us, ending the game at 6-0 to Northbridge.

This week's 'Sideline Tips':

- Watch out for those long offensive throw-ins. Remember - they are NOT offside during in
- Flip that around - start using the same strategy with long offensive throw-ins and take advantage of no offside
- Release the ball earlier from midfield. Use those fast attackers up front. Get balls through the defensive line and get some runs on goal.
- Goalies - be more verbal. Command your defensive players and make sure they cover those attacking players.

Great play, girls. Every week we see a better team play. Keep it up.


SHPFC U8 Falcons

The Falcons arrived at Mount Colah pumped for a challenging game against Berowra Development Team! During pre-game warm-up, the freezing winds did nothing but make these boys run harder and stay focused, practicing their skills in a well delivered drill set up by Coach Paul.

The first half saw our defenders, Josh, Dom and Dario tested, with a number of excellent saves as the oppositions tried to break through the lines. Attackers, Alex, Ethan, Aidan, Matthew, Tristan and Christian went in hard against the well formed defence lines established by Berowra. Justin managed to protect our goals against many attempts made by Berowra. Nearing half-time, we were entertained with some very fancy foot-work from Alex, as he expertly turned the play while on the attack!

The second-half saw more strong attacks and solid defence from the Falcons, who worked excellently as a team, and passed effectively around the field, spreading to cover the Berowra positions well. Matthew got a clean break, and took the ball quickly down the line, scoring the one goal for the Falcons, with great precision!
Soon after the Falcons goal, Berowra put in some extra effort, and managed to just sneak a goal in past Tristan.

Well done Falcons on a great game!


Round 6 - Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd May 2021

SHPFC U6 Jaguars

The U6 Jaguars had an early start in St Ives.

On one field we had Joshua, Aiden, Charlotte, Michael, Christaan and Adam. The goal scoring started off quickly for both teams with Aiden getting the Jaguars started. At the other end of the field, Adam was again ferocious in defence, with a goal saving tackle, while Joshua raced over the field, charging the ball down and making some great stops in defence. Charlotte was great getting stuck in across the midfield, with Michael and Christiaan cementing Sacred Heart's dominance with some great goals in the second half. Player of the Match is Joshua, well done Joshua!

On the second field, the game was very hard fought. After being down early, a strong comeback in the 2nd half saw our Player of the Match, Zavian, netting our 1st, and a few minutes later Thomas netting our 2nd to tie the game. Georgia the enforcer controlled the defence with Max, who had the resolve to restrain himself from playing with his ex mate from daycare in the opposition. Eli ran the most with tactical bobbing and weaving to distract the opposition. Refereeing was a little suspect with the opposition failing to to retreat to the halfway which has us under pressure most of the game.

Overall there was great improvement from the Jaguars with confidence going into next week.


SHPFC U9 Foxes

The U9 Foxes had a great game on Saturday. They were well matched against the opposing team which made it a great match to watch in spite of the cold at Berry Oval, Mt Colah.

Quintus proving too strong on the line of defence at goalkeeper. Alex and Oliva both made some great runs in attack as well as supporting defensively.

Samuel and Isabella both had great attempts at goal and were tireless in their efforts to secure a victory.

Sophie P, Josie and Isabella were unstoppable and James, Christian and Olivia were excellent in defence with some great tackles from Olivia and strong kicks to get the ball out of the line-of-fire from Matthew and Aiden.

It was a great team effort!

SHPFC G14 Stars

A well deserved 6-0 win today for the G14’s and it was especially sweet as we have had a few tough games over the last couple of weeks. We may have been a foot taller than all the girls on the Lindfield team but we didn’t take anything for granted!

It was clear from the moment they came on the field that the girls were feeling strong and confident after the pep talk from JD, they were ready to rumble.

It took us 13 minutes to get points on the board but then Melo received a pass whilst pulling up her socks, to make our second goal just a few minutes later. No ball was left unchallenged and we couldn’t keep our eyes off Julia’s footwork.

Amazing passing between Hannah, Melo, Maia and Grace this week. Grace was into anything and everything that came near her.

There was just a minute to go in the first half when Lindfield made their way into our half but was short-lived as we intercepted, headed back up the field and scored another goal!

At half time we were 4-0. Catherine’s message of holding their positions and JD’s reminder to communicate on the field had started to pay dividends.

Jed was so shocked by how well the girls were doing he fell off his chair. Paul fell over too but you’ll have to ask Jed what happened there.

Lindfield came back after half time with renewed energy and Sacred Heart really had to work for it. It wasn’t long though and we got our last two goals in quick succession.

Phoebe, Imogen and Maia were a great striking trio, but the Lindfield goalie was able to keep them out for the remainder of the game. Abbey was good support in the mid field tussle and a massive effort from Juliet playing back - for I think the first time.

I’m not sure what we would have done without Lil’s defence, with her head that is, with a few saves of goals by using that noggin-impressive to watch!

Chloe foiled an amazing attempt at goal in the last few minutes of the game with both girls ending up on the grass.

Although very few opportunities arose, Morgan was there to protect our goal and saved every strike that came her way. Her mere presence scared them off.

Booting awards today go to Anna, Kate and Lil as most of the time they got halfway down the field. Our goals were scored by Maia (3), Melo (2) and Hannah (1).

As always lots of positive support from the sideline even if we did mix up Chloe, Hannah and Julia but we are missing Martin and his quick whips and hope he will be back soon to keep us all well informed of the injustices during the match.

I must say it was hard to keep focused with all the sideline chatter about silverside beef, IXL fruit and the special camera setup we didn’t have that tracks and records game play. I wish I’d have googled that before, although Mark has suggested next time I could send a drone in my place and provide commentary from home 😉
I fought and won the chance to write this match report today… you should see the other guy! (thanks Christian)


SHPFC U8 Hawks

When we found out mid-week that the Hawks would again face the St Ives Kookaburras, two weeks in a row, we were keen to make sure there was focus, teamwork, and good sportsmanship in this week’s game.

Matteo again displayed his prowess as our goalie this week, putting in save after save throughout the game.  Early on, Ishan and Tom managed to break away from the opponents with a few good runs but alas were unlucky not to get the ball in the goal.

We saw some extremely persistent effort from Andrew to try to score, and Santino and Lachlan made themselves known in defence.  Emmett was fearlessly running to tackle the ball from the opposition, with some mid field help from Edward and Flynn.

Second half saw a lucky goal from the corner finally tip the game to Kookaburra’s way after several wide attempts.  The Hawks also made a lot of goal attempts.  Flynn executed several big and well-placed kicks, Ishan made a long run only to be denied by the heavy St Ives defence. 

Christian consistently positioned himself perfectly to intercept and take the ball down the side of the field.  Both Jeremy and Christian had some close goal attempts in the second half, while Lachlan’s speed was an asset to his team in defence.

Congratulations to the player of the week, Andrew – for his strong and skillful play and incredible sportsmanship. 

Well done to the Hawks team for lots of great teamwork! It was a riveting game and the boys held their own and improved upon their score last week against their tough competitors.


SHPFC U18s vs Gordon

4-1 win
This was a classy win that did not reflect our dominance of the game. Only our ability to finish in the first half let us down.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get the start we wanted. Despite wanting a better first few minutes than last week, a long ball from Gordon led to a corner for them which resulted in an unlucky own goal in the second minute. However the rest of the game dominated by Sacred Heart.
On a poor pitch, we put on some fine passing movements through the middle and on the side. In fact, all four boys who played fullback deserve a mention – Jem, Nicci, Aiden and Charlie C, for the variety of ways – runs, precise long balls and clever one-twos - they were able to promote our possession up the park throughout the game. In the middle of the park, Will W, Tom and James were physically and technically dominant.
The first half was marked by unconverted chances – unable to latch onto crosses, shots going wide (especially to the left) or unlucky offside calls. Finally about 10 minutes before half time, Ethan was able to convert from a string of passes that started from Will W in our half. The final 10 minutes we were pressing for the lead amid a number of fouls and delaying tactics from the opposition. In one play Charlie R must have been fouled four or five times but was still able to get a pass away. As things threatened to boil over just before half-time, the still-injured Marcus was heard to comment that he was dying to get out there.
A stirring speech from captain Will at half-time for the boys to keep their head in the game, to not play into the opposition’s tactics and the goals will come. After a frustrated first half, Charlie R was finally able to convert - twice. Both times beating the quality Gordon keeper with goals either side of him. Will S is becoming increasingly confident upfront using his size and speed to great affect and was unlucky not to score.
Our final goal of the game caused much excitement for Coach Penny. A move rehearsed at training came off beautifully. Charlie C made a late run into the box and with a diving header put away Ethan’s corner. A well-deserved win and we will need more of the same against Chatswood this week.

Round 5 - Saturday 15th May 2021

SHPFC G14 Stars

The G14 stars had a fabulous game on Sunday. They were well matched against the opposing team which made it a great game to watch in spite of the icy wind at Cammeray.

Melo and Phoebe worked together expertly to score an amazing goal in the first half. Their high 5s to each other after the goal showed that they knew it was a team effort and was a beautiful display of team spirit. They both made some great runs in attack as well as supporting defensively.

Julia was tight & reliable in mid field often having to cover both sides of the pitch. Kate pushed through in attacks with Hannah & Imogen. Hannah and Julia both made heart stopping attempts at goal.

Anna and Lil were relentless in defence with strong kicks to get the ball out of the line-of-fire and Grace was unstoppable on the wing making herself free and always there to support Juliet.

Our player of the week, Daisy, was fearless in goal for the whole match. She saved numerous goals but was unfortunately unable to save the controversial goal at full time which led to a defeat for our beautiful stars with a final score of 2:1.

This week’s match report was a team effort, as was the way the young ladies played their match ❤️


SHPFC U18 vs Hornsby Heights

4-2 win
We lined up against the second Hornsby Height team in our division, which on paper should have been a comfortable win for us. Throughout the game we dominated possession and territory but in truth we should have put the game away earlier and by a more significant margin.
From the outset we had the opposition constantly in the final third, although there seemed to be a lack of urgency from both sides. Finally, about half an hour in, from left back, Jem – who was excellent all game - provided a beautifully weighted lobbed pass for Charlie R to latch onto to put past the keeper for our first goal. The goal seemed to bring the game to life with Hornsby picking up their intensity and us matching that. About five minutes beforehand Charlie R just missed another chance to go 2 nil up but re-injured his wrist which meant he was out for the rest of the game.
At half time Coach Penny was happy with the teamwork and passing but wanted a lift in intensity and that is what he got. Sachin, fresh off his exhausting national ultimate frisbee trials, slammed home two goals. Our fourth goal was a thing of beauty with a combination of beautiful from Will W-P  and Ethan led to Nicci finishing off the move with an excellent run into the box and a nice curling finish.

Unfortunately Hornsby Heights were never put out of the game with them scoring two goals keeping them within reach and a nervous final few minutes. We still need to get used to 90 minute games.

SHPFC U9 Foxes

A crisp winter’s morning greeted the Under 9 Foxes as they took to the pitch at Mason Park, Mt Colah.

The Foxes were on the attack from the beginning with Sophie D scoring a couple of early goals, one from half way and the second from the opposition goal kick. Meanwhile, the defence was impenetrable with Christian, Jose and James rotating through the backs and Olivia solid as a rock as goalkeeper to kick the opposition at bay. Just before half time Sam scored a great goal by following up his own attacking efforts.

The second half saw a change of positions by coach Gavin, with Matthew and Quintas now keeping the attackers at bay, with Christian proving too strong on the last line of defence at goalkeeper. Sam followed his first half goal with a couple more in the second half, with the second coming from a great corner kick by Sophie D and his hattrick by a piercing run down the wing.

A great team effort by the Foxes. Well done.


SHPFC U7 Lightning

The team were keen and eager to hit the fields on a crisp and sunny morning. Smiles on faces and energy abounding we knew it was going to be high powered soccer versus the Corpus Christi Reds.

Ezra, Harrison, Joey, Jonah, Lachlan and Oscar played a tight game across both halves. There was amazing defence shown by all the players, great passes and some tough clashes. It was an evenly paired match.

Aiden, Alexander, Lawrence, Henri, Luke and Noah played with all their hearts and might, displaying some incredible defence against a strong team. They kept up their determination for both halves and showed amazing team spirit.

Congratulations to Noah on being Player of the Week!

SHPFC U8 Hawks

What started as a nice sunny Saturday morning quickly turned to a brewing storm when the Hawks came up against their toughest opponent of the year in the St Ives Kookaburras.

From the first kick-off the Hawks were put under a relentless attack of St Ives with the valiant efforts of our Goalie Matteo on fine display deflecting shot after shot. But in the end, it was the Kookaburras who had the first laugh of the game, scoring the first goal.

With the first goal gone the Hawks swarming attack kicked it up a notch with excellent mild field play by Tom and Emmett giving the Hawks Goalie a much-needed breath and getting some ball up to Ishan and Christian, who got a few shots on goal before Ishan was rewarded with the Hawks first goal of the game.

With some strong advice from Coach at the half to focus on our play and ignore the antics of our opposition there was a quiet confidence on the sideline that the Hawks could rally back. And the signs were positive with some early penalties on the Kookaburras providing some good field position for the Hawks.

As has been the Hawks recipe for success all season strong play in the midfield by Eddie, Santino, Emmett and Tom allowed the Hawks to get some good but unsuccessful strikes on Goal.

From here the Kookaburras could smell a victory and went on a scoring spree peppering new Goalie Jeremy with an array of shots on goal, but it was only so long that the goalie could stop the onslaught before a few slipped through.

In the end all that was forgotten with the post-game treat, and the Player of the Week given to Tom for some tough play in the midfield.


Round 4 - Saturday 8th May 2021

SHPFC U8 Falcons

The Sacred Heart Falcons went up against Turramurra United FC on Saturday who proved to be a strong and fair team.

The first half saw no goals scored by either side even though many attempts were made. Christian, Alex, Dom, Ethan and  Matthew were working hard to take possession of the ball to maintain play within our goal area.

Early within the 2nd half, Alex found the back of the net to secure the Falcon’s first goal, with the entire team vocalising the triumph!  Many of our attempts found the goal post or missing only by millimeters. The opposition’s goal keeper had their work cut out for them and they managed to successfully hold our boys at bay.

Justin, Joshua, Tristan and Dario played consistently as a team throughout the game with Aiden proving his undeniable skills in defence, time and time again. 
With the match heating up, eagerness was at its peak and despite a few same side tackles, Justin positioned himself well in the goal area and seized a stunning opportunity to boot the Falcon’s second goal. Celebratory roars erupted from the crowd!

The opposition did manage to sneak in one goal, which was well worked and deserved.

Ethan provided the spectators with an entertaining end to the match, whilst swiftly moving the ball up the line, suddenly losing one of his boots, he didn’t bat an eyelid and kept on trucking, taking a last attempt at goal, only to shoot wide. The boys gave everything today and provided their mum’s with an early Mothers Day gift!

High five to Justin for receiving the Player of the Match.



SHPFC U18s vs Lindfield
1-1 Draw

The boys today faced a Lindfield team we lost to twice last season.

As the game unfolded our initial good start was broken down by a team with an excellent passing and moving game. All that was letting them down was their shooting. The defenders, especially Tom, were scrambling well at the back although Lindfield were easily breaking down our structures.

Lindfield had a number of shots in the first half and although we had breaks of our own they were undoubtedly the more dominant and it paid dividends for them with a goal three minutes before half-time.

1-0 down at the break, the boys were told by Coach Penny that they needed to press the opposition more, compete for the 50-50 ball and get our shots off.
After a sluggish opening from both teams Lindfield were still dominating but the match sprung into life when Sachin’s blinding pace had their defence on the back foot and only a couple of crack saves from their keeper stopping us from equalising.

Lindfield didn’t stop pressing however our defence was a lot more stronger with Jem improving in the second half using his strength to fight and win the ball.
With the minutes ticking by we were dominating possession and field with Charlie C narrowly missing a long attempt free kick. Five minutes to go and Charlie R shrugged off a couple of defenders and with a neat finish we equalised.

The remaining minutes were up and down the field as both teams searched for a winner but it remained one all in a thoroughly entertaining game.

SHPFC G14 Stars

After a morning spent preparing breakfast in bed for the G14 Stars' gorgeous mums and whipping up last minute mother's day cards (print it yourself options were popular with the girls this year) the girls lined up against a very strong Lane Cove team. The rumour whipping around the field was that Lane Cove won their last match 26-0 and the pre-game drills they were running with military precision meant there was a strong sense of anticipation before the teams even took the field.

From the opening whistle the competition was fierce with Lane Cove pushing our defenders and mid-fielders back and keeping them scrambling across the goal mouth. Chloe was indefatigable in goal and should be very proud of keeping Lane Cove's total at 6. The defensive players did the bulk of the work this week and made Lane Cove work hard for every opportunity. and hustled to create some great passing play to move the ball up the field.

Kate's big boot gave our forwards a couple of good opportunities with Daisy, Melo and Hannah all getting a run at goal. Hannah's run was thwarted by the Lane Cove amateur theatre antics with one of their players going down without coming into contact with her but the ref called against us. The Stars big hearts and strong sense of sportsmanship kept them from being intimidated by the aggressive play. Nina and Anna used their speed to intercept several Lane Cove attacks. Morgan's strong throw-ins and Grace and Jenna's speed on the wings kept play moving and made it a very exciting match for the spectators.

Couch Tyrell and linesman, David, scored a special mention from the ref for their enthusiasm but he reassured them that he didn't need any assistance with calling play 🙂

The final scorecard doesn't reflect the possession of the ball and the Stars were unlucky not to score. The girls can be very proud of making Lane Cove work so hard for the win, their spirit, determination and joy were a perfect mother's day gift.


SHPFC U8 Hawks

A beautiful morning for the start of our game, Andrew & Christian worked well together in the beginning to almost score a goal. Matteo was a star with defending in the goals. Ishan and his little legs moved the ball around the field almost scoring a goal for us. It was a great first half for the team.

At the start of the 2nd half Lachlan had a great run, almost scoring a goal. Emmett with his determination and skill ran well on the field kicking and defending. Tom taking charge with the ball and ran down the field towards the goal. So many chances with scoring this week. Jeremy did well in the goals - our star goalie. Flynn persevered with the ball and dribbled the ball well.

Great encouragement on the sideline by Santino towards his team - it was lovely to see. Well done team on a great game.

Player of the Match was awarded to Matteo! Congratulations!


SHPFC U7 Lightning

After a week that suited ducks and frogs best, Saturday brought out the sunshine for two incredible games at Toolang Oval. Despite not having been able to train during the week, the team brought their top level play, which was needed against a very strong Saxons.

On one field, Ezra, Harrison, Jonah, Lachlan and Luke needed to have their full defensive mode on to hold back the other side. They did some great passing and kept the ball moving down the field.

On the other field, Alexander, Henry, Joey and Oscar were pushed to their limits pulling out every skill they had. After a tough first half, they came back in the second half and showed amazing team work.

Congrats to Oscar for taking home player of the week, well deserved!